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Beer Links

I hope you’ll find these beer links and resources as useful as I have.

About Beer

The following links have to do with beer in general:

Beer Advocate – A great resource for beer reviews. There is some good information about beer in general, but the beer reviews are where these guys shine.

BJCP Style Guidelines – Learn to review beer like the pros. – All you ever needed to know about craft beer, from where to buy it, to which glass to drink it in, to which foods pair with which beers.

Fantasy Brewmasters – A really cool project that aims to brew ale like the dwarves.

Home Brewing

The following links have to do with brewing your own beer:

How To Brew – The home brewer’s bible, by John Palmer. Read it, learn it, love it.

Northern Brewer – A great online home brew store. They also have a store for making wine, if you’re into that sort of thing.

More Beer – Another quality online home brew store. – A wiki for home brewers. Tons of great info here.

qBrew – A great free tool for designing recipes. A must have for any home brewer! And did I mention it’s free? – Home brewing how-to, recipes, resources, etc. – A home brew resource collection with everything from recipes to brewing calculators.

Hop Characteristics – A great chart that explains hop characteristics based on boiling times.

Bottle Your Brand – Perfect for when you want to give your home brew that custom label touch.

Mr Beer

The following links are for those of you who like the 2.14 gallon batch:

Mr Beer – The Mr Beer online store. Their ingredients might not be the highest quality, but you can certainly make good beers from what you’ll find here.

Mr Beer Forums – One of the best places online to learn how to make the most out of brewing with your Mr Beer keg.

Mr. Beer Fans – Another great forum for learning how to expand your Mr Beer horizons.

The Screwy Brewer – This guy shows how you don’t need a 5 gallon carboy to brew like a pro.

For Massholes

The following links are for local MA beer lovers:

Beer Wine Hobby – A great home brew supply shop in Woburn, MA.

Craft Beer Cellar – A craft beer lover’s heaven in Belmont, MA.

Massachusetts Brewers Guild – The home of commercial craft breweries in Massachusetts.

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