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I’m a geek and I love beer. I intend to use this blog to chronicle my adventures in beer and home brewing. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Beer & Brewing

Sam Adam's Boston Lager

Sam Adam's Boston Lager

After a tour and tasting at the Samuel Adams brewery in Boston in 2009, something snapped inside of me that changed my relationship with beer forever. My eyes were opened to the wonderful world of full-flavored craft beer, and I’m very grateful. I’ll always have a soft spot for local brews, but I’m forever on the lookout for another great beer.

I’ve always loved drinking beer, and thanks to a Mr. Beer kit I received for Christmas I now love brewing beer. I started out with the basic Mr. Beer kits and a few extra ingredients thrown in here and there, and I’ve made some decent brews. A lot of people knock the Mr. Beer kit for not being “real brewing,” but I have to say I think it’s a wonderful way to get into the hobby (especially if you live in a small apartment), and it’s a very versatile little kit. Just because it’s 2.14 gallons instead of 5 doesn’t mean you can’t use it to make great beer.

About Mike

On a deck enjoying a beer.

On a deck enjoying a beer. The way life should be.

I’m a Massachusetts guy, born and raised, and I now live just outside of Boston. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing for fun, drawing, good movies, discussing politics and philosophy, playing pirate, cooking and grilling, working with my hands, playing a video game or two, cheering on the Red Sox and Patriots, enjoying the great New England outdoors, and of course, drinking beer and home brewing.

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