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Review: Victory Headwaters Pale Ale

February 21, 2011

I took my first foray into reviewing beer last week during Lost in the Beer Aisle’s call for guest reviews. I enjoyed writing the review, and I figured that if I’m going to be drinking beer, I might as well review it here on the blog!

So for my first beer review I’m going with Victory Brewing Company’s Headwaters Pale Ale. Victory brewed this beer for their 15th anniversary, and it’s a fine brew, worthy of an anniversary ale.

Victory Brewing Co. Headwaters Pale Ale

Victory Brewing Co. Headwaters Pale Ale

Appearance:  Poured from a 12oz bottle into a pint glass. Had a full head that faded relatively quickly but did leave some minor lacing. Perfect golden color and super clear. I could look straight through to the computer screen and see what I was typing.

Aroma:  The biggest thing I can smell here is hops, citrus and floral. It’s not an overpowering holy crap in your face hop aroma by any means. I can best describe it as mellow but unmistakable. My palate isn’t advanced enough yet to pick out much else, but that’s OK, because it smells great.

Mouthfeel: This is very crisp and easy to drink. It’s not syrupy at all. There’s nothing “coating” your tongue or mouth. Just a nice, easy to drink beer that goes down smooth.

Flavor: There is a very good balance here of hops and malt. You can definitely taste the hops, but they’re not bitter at all. In my opinion, it’s at the “hoppier” side of a pale ale, but I don’t mind it because it’s not terribly bitter. It’s purely a crisp piney/citrusy flavor which is nice. There is the sliiiiightest bit of a bitter bite after you swallow, but it’s really nothing to write home about. Since this is a pale ale, I’d say it it fits the bill nicely.

Final Thoughts: It’s crisp, flavorful, and goes down easy peasy. The color is beautiful, the lacing is fancy, and overall it’s a nice, drinkable pale ale. I read some other reviews that mentioned it wasn’t very hoppy or citrusy, but that’s the exact opposite of what I found. I really enjoyed drinking this beer, and whether you’re a newbie or a hophead, I think you will too.

P.S. It paired very well with a plate of boneless buffalo wings. The slight hop bitterness was a nice balance and compliment to the hot and spicy wings.

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